Ladybird Cork Magnet

The spring bulbs are trying to push through and the bird song is back in the trees that surround our house. I’m filled with the hope that the awful grey wetness of this winter is coming to an end.

So with spring in mind, I made a ladybug- or ladybird- magnet from a champagne cork.

ladybug cork magnet

It really was very simple. I cut the fatter top section of a champagne cork off, making sure that it’s cut edge was fairly straight as this would later hold the magnet.

Then I painted it red: it took three layers to give a really good coat. My top tip was given to me by Me and My Shadow- I poked a cocktail stick into the underside of the cork, and used that to hold the cork whilst I painted it. No paint-covered fingers!

Once dry, I added ladybird details with a permanent marker.

Then I added two layers of Mod Podge to seal the colour.

Once dry I stuck on googly eyes and a magnet.

Quick, easy and very cute. I am making a flock of them for Dimples to use for her maths homework.

ladybird cork magnet craft

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