Cinderella’s Glass Slipper Craft

Last week a few bloggers got together for a Craft Hangout where we talked about great Fairytale Craft ideas. The Girls and I made some really lovely Rapunzel bookmarks. I also showed a Cinderella’s Glass Slipper Craft on the hangout.

It’s super simple to make. I tried making it out of a clean recycled milk carton (the plastic ones, not the Tetrapak kind) but it wasn’t as transparent as I wanted. It’s a Glass Slipper after all.

So I ran a laminator sheet through my laminator which gave a totally transparent yet solid sheet to work with.

Using the Paper Witch Shoe template I found on Skip To My Lou, I cut out the shape and folded it along the lines indicated. I stuck it all down using sellotape dots and added a ribbon bow. The dots were visible in places but the effect was definitely right and the girls didn’t complain at all.

They would make a fabulous Princess Party favour or place setting: you could even make them for a fairytale wedding if you wanted.

how to make Cinderella's Glass slipper

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