Rainbow birthday crown

You may recall a couple of years ago that Dimples had a wonderfully colourful rainbow birthday party which was loved by all who came. Now that we are past Christmas the first family Event on the horizon is her fourth birthday party. This year the theme is Dora the Explorer, with a bit of craft and lots of fun thrown in, I hope. You’ll see some posts about this fairly soon.

But I’m starting with the birthday crown for her actual birthday, which is not on party day. Inspired by Kid’s Chaos, who showed a Quilled Valentine Card on the Valentine’s Craft Hangout we had recently, I thought I’d have a go at quilling. To be honest. I found it fairly tedious- cutting the strips of card, rolling them and so on. But the putting together was quite fun. I fired up the glue gun, and created a rainbow shape from my quilled card strips onto white card stock, starting with the smallest arc- Violet.

Quilled card rainbow birthday crown

I gradually worked outwards, going backwards in sequence through the colours, with red being last. Then I added a flourish- a moment of inspiration as I think it really finishes off the rainbow- with a tissue paper cloud, just scrunched up and stuck on. I cut around the edge of the rainbow, then glued the whole thing onto a band of corrugated card that I had measured to fit Dimples’ head, making sure to cut perpendicular to the ripples so that the card would bend easily. Another great tip with corrugated card, though fiddly: if you can peel off the top layer of card, exposing the wiggly interior, your card will be so much easier to bend around the head of your child. You could even spray it gold to add an extra regal layer!

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mini rainbow tp roll pinata

For instructions on how I made the mini-pinata from TP Roll and Washi tape, check out the hangout.

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