Pom Pom Monogram

This is one of those crafts conceived in a few moments that took a long time to make, partly because I massively underestimated the volume of pompoms needed and had to wait to reorder! I made a giant Pom Pom Monogram as a door hanging for Dimples’ birthday this year.

I made the large letter A, using the same technique I used for making a Number Door Hanging from LBG’s party last year. I drew the letter free-hand- but you could use a template if you were unsure – onto a leftover cardboard box. I coated the finished letter in several layers of papier mache, which added a better surface for sticking the pompoms too, but also provided strength as I planned to hang the monogram over the bed in her pretty new bedroom.

Cardboard Box Pom Pom Letter craft

Then I set to with a glue gun, about 3000 pompoms and The Archers omnibus. I placed the pompoms randomly, both in size and colour, as I went, starting in a corner and working out to the edges to prevent me from sticking the little felt balls on in serried ranks. I also started by gluing the interior of the top half of the A- the trickiest space to access, first. I did the inside of the legs following the same logic.

I completed the face of the A before finally getting to the sides. There was a two day delay whilst more pompoms arrived and I could finish with the feet. The rear of the Monogram is pom-pom-free so that it sits flush on the wall, and I was also careful not to keep the pom poms along the rear sides flush with the side rather than sticking out, for the same reason.

giant pom pom monogram

In all I used about 30 glue sticks and 3500 pom poms for the letter which is approximately 2.5ft tall. You could make a smaller one :)

I showed this craft in the Cardboard Box Hangout and the Rainbow Craft hangout. For more great Rainbow craft ideas <<check out this post.


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    I love this. So fun and it’s turned out great. It’s also HUGE. I can’t believe you endured all of the burns and inevitable backache from leaning over it. You are a dedicated mama!


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