Glitter Heart Cake Toppers

If you are a regular reader you will know that before Christmas I made some hot glue and glitter snowflakes to hang on our tree, based on the original idea from Aunt Peaches. Ahead of the Red Ted Art Valentine’s Craft Hangout, I adapted the idea to make some Hot Glue Heart- Shaped cake toppers. Here’s how:

glitter glue heart cake topper

Using your hot glue gun, pipe out a heart shape onto silicone baking sheet. Sprinkle with glitter and wait until cool.

When cold, turn over, glue a cocktail stick or lollipop stick in place then trace over the heart shape using more glue (take care because the new layer of hot glue will melt the old one) then smother in glitter and leave to cool.

heart glitter glue cake toppers

Once I established that these worked well, I tried piping the hot glue onto red cellophane rather than the baking sheet. I sprinkled this one with foil confetti- which I bought in a large jar from my local Poundland ages ago and which I assume to be the leftover cuttings of other things scooped up and remarketed, so you could easily make your own.

Once dry I reversed and repeated then, when cool, I cut carefully around the outside edge of the heart shape. My Girls love them so much they made me bake cakes just so we could try them out!

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