Day of the Dead spoon craft

When Red Ted Art challenged me to make a Day of the Dead craft I had no idea where to start. I knew nothing about Day of the Dead. But I did some research and checked out the Dia de los Muertos crafts on Pinterest and it gave me an idea to make super easy ‘shrunken heads’ from plastic spoons.

I say shrunken heads because I made them with disposable teaspoons, but you could make larger ones using dessert spoons. All you need is a few disposable spoons, a pair of scissors and some sharpie permanent markers.

Cut the bowl of the spoon away from the neck as in the picture, then turn it 180 degrees, and cut slight wedges on each side of the bowl to form the skull shape.

day of the dead spoon craft

Then go crazy with sharpies.

These little skulls are very lightweight so could work well as jewellery, garlands, stuck onto push-pins for example. They would be great used in conjunction with a Pirate Party too as they can be tucked into bowls of treasure for an unexpected shock. My plan is to use them in a Halloween game- bury them in flour and get the children to dig them out!

Sharpie spoon day of the dead craft

For more inspiration there’s a great Hangout featuring Day of the Dead crafts, which include:

Red Ted Art: balloons, stones and corks. I will be pinning this to my Cork Craft board.

Kids Chaos with fabulous printable bunting and potato prints.

Zing Zing Tree had some beautiful pictures, t-shirts and cone dolls.






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    LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! I’ve forwarded to all my mates in the US where Halloween is ma-hoosive! What a fab thing to do with old spoons! Love it! x


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