Let Us Tell You a Story- Part Two

You played Consequences as a child, didn’t you? The game where  every person writes a line to the story- only having seen the preceeding line- and at the end you all sit and read it out and have a jolly good laugh?

Well this isn’t like that.

Every day one of a crack group of bloggers will be adding a paragraph to our collaborative tale, weaving the story in whichever way they chose, until at the end we put it all together, publish it and make a bundle of cash for a worthy charity ( I totally made that last bit up.)

Today, day two of the Great Story Adventure, is all about me. I pick up the story from Tired Mummy of Two.


“It could easily have been an out-take from a film like Bridget Jones or that programme where Dawn French plays a vicar, when she thought about it. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky when she had set out to walk the dog, as was her habit, early that Saturday morning. So Laura hadn’t considered for a moment that she would return home minus her shoes and wet through to her skin. Robert would have laughed so hard at the story: he had loved slapstick, and that’s really what it was. She hadn’t laughed as she emerged fully clothed from the village pond, dragging her recalcitrant terrier behind her and swearing like a fish-wife. Nor had the owner of the other dog. But now, thinking back, and of Robert, she smiled to herself. Leaning forward to switch on the kettle, she caught her reflection in the kitchen window smiling back. And as the rain continued to fall, she opened a bottle of beer instead and congratulated herself. It was getting easier.”


Admit it: you’re excited to see where this goes aren’t you? I know I am, and I am no wiser about where Laura will end up than you, esteemed reader. I’m handing over to PinkOddy and will be checking her blog in the morning to see what happens next!



Tired Mummy of Two









Go on! You know you want to tell me what you think!