Moving on

For the past few months things have been a little fraught at DG Manor. We have been negotiating and hoping and praying that we would be able to buy a new house, sell ours, move The Girls to a new school. It’s been like trying to sort out a Rubik’s cube: there have definitely been days where it felt further away than ever.

But at lunchtime on Friday we received the news. Which means I have five working days to plan and orchestrate ‘Moving On’.

Which is a lot for anyone, never mind anyone with small children and a dog and five years worth of stuff and memories. My children have only ever known this house as home. My blog has only ever known this house as home. For five years, it has been home to anyone and everyone who walked through the door. It has been the home in which DH and I built our family. And on Friday we will close the red door for the last time. I may get emotional. I may in fact get emotional all week.

So, I am taking a short break: a fortnight in which to move and unpack and try and get the phone lines sorted so that we can use the internet in the new house. To stop crying and start painting.

I will be back when DG Manor (always an ironic nickname)  has become DG Cottage. An actual cottage. With an actual name. And chickens.

Wish me luck!


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