Washing Up Liquid or Dish Soap Activities with Ecover

Ecover asked me if I wanted to test out some of their products after seeing my New Home Wreath and I was happy to say yes: what home doesn’t need cleaning products? DH was skeptical when I handed him the household wipes the other day- asking if he would need half-a-packet to clean up a small mess. He made reference to when we last used Ecover about ten years ago. He ate his words- though not the wipe- since the wipes were more than able to clean up a mess as the Flash ones we usually use. Likewise, I substituted our washing up liquid for Ecover and had results as good as Fairy Liquid.

13 ideas for summer fun with dish soap

The best test for any product in our house though is how it fares with the children. We used the utterly scrummy Mango and Shea Butter- which smells divine and genuinely leaves hands feeling softer- for a range of Summer Fun activities, including:

Sensory Goop from Blog Me Mom- made so much the better for the yummy Mango smell of the Ecover and I genuinely enjoyed my soft hands after I had cleaned off the cornflour. Cornflour goop is not just for children FYI.

Bubble Pipe– a new way to blow bubbles! We have all the usual bubble blowing kit but I remembered making Hubble Bubble Pipes as a child and wanted to replicate them. They really are so easy- take a paper cup and make a hole in the bottom quarter just big enough to accept a straw. Push through the straw and hold in place with duct tape- you can also push a blob of playdough on the inside of the cup to help keep the fluid in. Fill the cup about one third full with water, add a large blob of washing up liquid and blow. Will need frequent refilling. And do remember to tell your children to blow not suck!! You can watch our Hubble Bubble Blower in action on Instagram.

Window/Mirror art– following the directions from our Window Art Easter Craft, we made pictures on the window using Ecover for a fragrant art-fest.

And the best most bubbly Volcano ever- just add washing up liquid to the vinegar before you pour it on your volcano.

bubble activities

Here are some other ways to use washing up liquid, or dish soap, in play:

Scratch-Off Paint

Window Cling Art

Bubble Painting

Snake Bubbles

Milk Rainbows

Window Paint

Dry Ice Experiment

Rainbow Bubble play

Exploding Milk

For other posts about Ecover, visit Boo Rooo and Tigger Too, or Thinly Spread– who recently went to Hampton Court to see the Ecover Garden.


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