hashtag fun on twitter #filmswithGininthetitle

Twitter is a fantastic place to spend time: I have a diverse collection of ‘friends’ with whom I chat about a diverse range of topics. But equally it can be a frustrating place: twitter parties that throttle your feed, hashtags that clash with other hashtags, rude tweets- both in the inappropriate and in the downright rude sense. What I really love is when people take an idea and run with it- they may live at the other end of the country or world, they may not follow you, but they all get behind one idea. This could be a great big idea, like the #BigIF campaign, or a really small idea, like #movieswithGininthetitle.

To whit:











Feel free to add your own in the comments, or tweet them- along with the absurdly long hashtag- @domesticgoddesq!

Go on! You know you want to tell me what you think!