Stick Puppets using puzzle pieces: Two Little Dickie Birds

I bought a jigsaw from a charity shop recently only to find that there was a piece missing. Yes I could have returned it but at 50p it wasn’t worth the effort, so my thoughts turned to crafts suing puzzle pieces and what I could make with them.

If you stare at puzzle pieces for long enough, especially when they are turned over so you cannot see the picture, it’s surprising what you can see: a bit like staring at clouds until you see images in them.

Which is how I came to make Two Little Dickie Birds stick puppets from the puzzle pieces I had. It occurred to me that the two protruding ends looked a little like wings. So I dug out some lolly sticks, ribbons and my trusty glue gun and within a few minutes had a pair of birds: this would be a great prop for singing nursery rhymes with children!

puzzle piece stick puppets

The rear of my pieces were conveniently white, but I found a yellow triangular button for a beak and used a marker for the eyes. The wings and tail were made with ribbon which I folded over three or four times to create plumes, then stick into place. Finally I added further tail feathers from scraps of old fabric.

All of which was perfectly timed for a UK Bloggers hangout talking about crafts you can make using puzzle pieces.

If you look closely, you will see that I also made a crying baby stick puppet, a caterpillar and- not shown- an alien.


Also featured were Red Ted Art with her snowflake ornaments,

Kids Chaos had some fabulous puzzle cards: watch out for a printable soon on the blog!

Zing Zing Tree showed us how to be playful with missing pieces and resin

Crystal made an adorable brooch: something I’d never have thought of,

And I admire Me and My Shadow’s wonderful photo puzzle keyrings: the perfect thoughtful Father’s Day gift.

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  1. says

    Brilliant, you really had me giggling in the hangout with your funny little baby face (the puppet’s, not yours…) x

  2. says

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who gets stung with puzzles at chazzas!

    Your puppets are inspired. I loved the birds, they are so cute.


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