{Recipe} Yorkshire puddings with maple syrup

I am technically Yorkshire. The Father is proper Yorkshire. He begat me, who shrieks with glee when I am again within the safety net that others call the M25. I am sure he’s embarrassed. My brothers support Leeds and Bradford at the relevant sports. They can both cook Yorkshires. I was very kindly sent a smart Mermaid Yorkshire Pudding tray and have been practising relentlessly and am utterly, utterly hopeless at making the Yorkshires rise.

My father and brothers will be embarrassed.

But the one saving grace is that they may not know that 3rd February 2013 is Yorkshire Pudding Day.

Which is why I felt it only right that I massacre the tried-and-tested recipe further by using Yorkshire Puddings as a dessert. I’ll pause here for the world that is Yorkshire to regain balance after tilting on it’s axis.

Yorkshire pudding with Maple Syrup

In principle, you take 4 eggs- without shells- and weigh them, then take the same weight of milk and flour, together with the eggs and beat with a fury until it’s all frothy.

Put to one side, and add a teaspoon of oil to each of the Yorkshire Pudding tin holes. Put the tin into an astonishingly hot oven (220C) and leave until practically smoking (10 minutes.)

Whilst this is heating, whisk a couple of tablespoons of cold water into the batter. Get the tin out of the oven and fill each pudding hole 2/3rds of the way up then get it back into the oven as quickly as possible.

Bake until risen and super crispy.

yorkshire pudding maple syrup

Serve drenched in icing sugar and maple syrup and serve to happy children.



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