Leprechaun Hot chocolate

I recently saw a post on Cool Whip Snowflakes, which gave me a great idea for making Leprechaun Hot Chocolate. We’re off to Galway over half term and this is an ideal opportunity to talk about all things Irish, including the colour green and leprechauns. And the recipe is really very simple, yet has a little Leprechaun magic too.

leprechaun hot chocolate with shamrock cream topping

All you need is whipping cream, some caster sugar and food colouring.

You whip the cream and sugar: I used about 100ml cream and a dessert spoon of sugar. Whip until very stiff.

Dip a cocktail stick into the food colouring then trace through the cream mix.

Next you need to spread it in an even layer in a lined tin. Transfer of the cream does result in the colour being mixed more thoroughly but in a marbled way. You can also fold the colour through thoroughly so it has a uniform appearance but I liked the marbled effect.

Freeze for at least an hour.

Take out the cream block and cut into shapes. You can just chop it into squares with a knife, but for my Leprechaun Hot Chocolate, I used a little shamrock cutter. You have to work reasonably quickly, or else in short bursts, as the cream melts and does make the cutter sticky, so have a dish of boiling water nearby to help the process: dip the cutter or knife in when the work starts getting messy!

Then add your shapes** to White Hot Chocolate*. The added bonus of the coloured cream is that the colour starts to bleed into the drink (hence the need for White Hot Chocolate) so that it does actually turn green.

Thats Leprechaun magic!

*ours was from Whittards

** I put all the unused ones in a ziplock bag on the top shelf of the freezer ready for more Leprechaun Hot Chocolate fun!



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