how to make a pompom flower





how to make a pompom flower

How to make a pompom flower from a stick and a pompom*.

What I love about this craft is it’s simplicity. They genuinely look sweet and rustic and pretty. Yet they also have many, many applications.

The purple ones would make great thistles for anything Scottish-themed- St Andrews’ Day or Burn’s Night for example.

The white ones look like dandelion heads or cotton balls.

They make great trees in small world play, or fill a vase with them to make an alternative flower display.

Dip in water or paint and use as paintbrushes.

They make good board-erasers for white boards or the more traditional black one.

Use multi-coloured wool and they make a great firework craft.


*If you are unable or unwilling to make pompoms yourself, you can buy them in all good craft shops and they look just as nice.


For other fabulous ideas for what to make with sticks, try watching this Google+ Hangout with some wonderful UK craft bloggers:






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