The Ultimate A-Z of paper plate crafts: over 150 ideas.

Paper plates are a great tool for crafting with. If you don’t know what to do with them, then this is the post for you: an A-Z of paper plate crafts with 150 ideas for how to use paper plates in crafts for all ages.

150 paper plate craft ideas


A is for Ark, Apple, apple core, angel astronomy and autumn leaf globe.

B is for basket, birds, butterfly, banjo, backdrop, bird-feeder and balloon-powered racing car.

C is for Christmas. You can make Christmas trees, Santa, Gingerbread men, Snowmen. It is also for Calendar, clock, cornucopia, crab and continents.

D is for paper plate Dragon, dalmation, dream catcher, dinosaur and decorations.

E is for Easter: paper plate Easter Bonnet,  Easter bunny, chick, Easter Egg and Easter basket.  Also elephant, emotions , Echidna and Eric Carle.

F is for frisbee, frog, fish, flowers , fireworksfox and fractions.

G is for game, glitter globe, ghost, garland and Groundhog Mask.

H is for Holy Spirit, handbag, hemisphere, hippo , turkey hat and Hot Air Balloon.

I is for Icosahedron, instrument, igloo, Independence Day, Ice-cream and insects.

J is for Jingle Bells, joey, Jesus’ tomb, jellyfish, Jack O’Lantern and jumping rabbits.

K is for kitten, Kissing Hand craft, kiwi and koala and kangaroo.

L is for Ladybird/Ladybug, Lion, learning, Leprechaun and life cycle.

M is for Menorah, Monkey, Mask, Mosaic, Marble track, Mother’s Day and mushroom.

N is for Nest, Necklace, napkin ring, noisemaker and Nursery Rhymes.

O is for Owl, Octopus, Opera house, oyster and Orca.

P is for Porthole picture, Pilgrims, Polar Bear, pumpkin, pirate, piggyplanet and peacock.

Q is for Quail, Queen’s crown, quoits, porcupine quills and quilts.

R is for Remembrance wreath, rainbow, rainbow scratch art, reindeer, rainforest  and rabbit.

S is for sun, sun-catcher, shell, stencils, spiral, snow-globe, spinning art and skeleton.

T is for Turkey, traffic lights, turtle, tiger and tree.

U is for Umbrella, UFO, under water, unicorn and ukelele

V is for Venn diagram, Valentine’s, Vampire bat, victor’s laurel crown, vulture , Venus Fly Trap and Volcano.

W is for wreath, weaving, web, wings, witch, watermelon, and weather chart.

X is for (e)xhibition of art, (e)xplorer, and x-ray.

Y is for yacht, yeti, yellow snake and yo-yo.

Z is for zoo animals, zombies and Zulu mask.

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