{Review} UGG slippers

Sometimes I love blogging. Like the day when it starts bucketing down with snow and I take delivery of a pair of slippers. Not just any slippers, either, but UGG slippers.

I can feel the jealousy. I totally get it.

UGG slipper review

But before you condemn me, can I tell you that these UGG slippers were sent to me because the wonderfully kind Karin of Cafe Bebe nominated me to receive a pair in the hopes that it would brighten my day.

And they really did. They continue to brighten my day. Every day.

Sadly they are no longer the pristine sand-colour they once were but my goodness do they keep my feet warm and toasty. SnUGG, even (see what I did there?) They are made from the softest genuine Twinface sheepskin, after all. But these Coquette slippers have an added benefit: they can be worn indoors and out, because of their super-dooper soles (totally a technical term.) This is essential for me, because the washing machine is not in the house but in the Man Cave, so an indoor-outdoor slipper is important. They are the perfect slipper for me.

snUGG feet


*disclosure: I was nominated to receive a pair of Ugg Slippers. All opinions are my own. And no, you may not have them.



    • Domestic Goddesque says

      I promise that they are everything you would want from a pair of slippers. I could live in them.

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