How to make a snake puppet for Chinese New Year

This simple craft uses paper and a pair of chopsticks. Just a few minutes of your time and you will have a dancing snake puppet in time to celebrate Chinese New Year.

gold snake puppet for Chinese New Year

You will need:

thick paper ( I used a gold wallpaper sample.)


googly eyes

a pair of chopsticks

optional: jingly bell


If you are painting your paper, do this first and leave to dry.

Firstly, cut out your paper. It’s essentially a very long U-shape.

Turn your paper over so that you are working on the ‘wrong’ side. Holding the head of the snake (curvy end of your U) in one hand, fold one of the paper strips at 90 degrees across the other piece*.

Next, fold the other strip over the first.

Fold the first back over the second and then the second over the first. Repeat, creating a concertina, until you reach the end of the paper. If you want a longer snake, you can add in further strips of paper, that have been cut to size. Just layer them over the existing strips (tape them in place for strength if you want) and keep folding.

Secure the end pieces by folding them back in on themselves and gluing in place.

If you are using the bell, you can stick this on the tail of your snake now. At this point you can also add eyes and a snake tongue.

Once your snake is finished, then insert two chopsticks in the folded edges at the front and rear ends of your snake. Secure with tape.

chinese year of the snake puppet

Then, enjoy making your snake dance and jingle.

*This was such an easy craft we made it whilst on holiday. There are pictures of the construction process which will be added when I have a new SD card reader. It’s helpful to see the images of the folding process if it doesn’t make sense. *


    • Domestic Goddesque says

      Not the Year of the Dinosaur though Annie πŸ˜€ Pimp by all means: I expect to see finished results soon.

    • Domestic Goddesque says

      You are right Emma, although that is luck rather than judgement: it was all I had to hand to make them dance.


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