Burn’s Night Kilt craft

Burn’s Night, celebrated on January 25th every year, has long been a part of my yearly schedule: Dad and Mum attended a Burn’s Night supper every year when I was a child. This Burn’s Night Kilt craft is a great way of using up the bits and pieces you may have leftover from Christmas, whether it’s Christmas cards, wrapping paper, paper chains or packaging.

Burn's night kilt craft

Kilt, LBG, aged 4

You need:

a piece of card

strips of paper

tissue paper

other scraps



Firstly, cut your card into a loose kilt shape.

Then, let your children create patterns by laying strips of paper over each other and gluing them in place.

IF using PVA glue, let dry before continuing.

For the sporran, I tore a piece of packaging – you know that grey-brown coloured card- into roughly the right shape. The Girls glued on bits of screwed up tissue paper, then we stuck the ‘sporran’ to the kilt.

Burn's night kilt

Kilt, Dimples, aged 2

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