John Lewis Snowman cake

I am quite taken with this year’s John Lewis Christmas Ad. I even watched a film about how they made it, taking a snowman across New Zealand when it was summer back in the UK. So today I decoded to pay homage to the John Lewis Snowman with my very own snowman cake.

About 18 months ago on a warm summer’s day I parted with ¬£1.50 and came back from a local Charity Shop with a snowman cake tin.¬†Very much like the team who made the Christmas ad in the summer, wouldn’t you say? It’s one of those tins that gets used once a year but I am always glad to have it.**

snowman cake tin

So last week I loaded it with chocolate cake mix and baked it in the oven.

Once cool, I coated the whole thing in chocolate spread and a layer of white fondant.

I melted down some of the fondant over a low heat and used this as a glue to stick on a variety of sweets to bring out the snowman features: a rainbow ribbon scarf, Flake twig arms and nose, chocolate button buttons and a lollipop pipe.

Once most of my snowman was done, I brushed his hat area with warmed chocolate frosting and covered with chocolate curl sprinkles.

john lewis snowman cake

Et voila. A festive Snowman cake that is worthy of the John Lewis Ad. Maybe there’ll be a new family member based on my cake in the ad next year?

**If you don’t have a snowman cake tin, try baking two difference sized rounds, or one large rectangle, from which you cut a snowman shape.
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