Paper plate unicorn


unicorn from a paper plate

To make a paper plate unicorn, you will need:

a paper plate

paper scraps (I used the outer cover of a magazine)



how to make a paper plate unicorn

First take your plate and fold the two sides in, so that you have a narrow end (the unicorn’s mouth) and a wider end (forehead.) Secure with tape

Fold down the narrow end plate edge to make the nose.

From some of your paper scraps, form a cone and stick to the unicorn’s forehead. I made the top side of the horn shorter than the bottom so that it pointed up at an angle rather than forward. You may want to play around with this!

Tear some ears and stick in place.

Tear some thin paper strips and curl. Secure to the rear of the unicorn’s forehead and trail over and around the horn to form the unicorn’s magical fringe.

Finally, tear some darker paper to form eye shapes and nostril shapes, and stick in place.

Decorate liberally with sparkly stickers.

decorate unicorn with stickers



Go on! You know you want to tell me what you think!