How to make a Gingerbread House from a cardboard box

We got back from the school run last Monday to find a rather large delivery. The large delivery was, in itself, very dull. But it came in a large box with a lot of bubblewrap. So, after lunch, we put the box- along with a second smaller, document box- to good use and made a Gingerbread House.

how to make a gingerbread house from a cardboard box

Here’s how to make a Gingerbread House:

Secure the base of the box, then cut two triangles from the sides of the shorter two flaps on the top of the box. This creates the angled slope for your roof.

Gingerbread house from a box build the roof

Using tape (I used duct tape for strength), stick the roof together: attach the two longer flaps to the angled ends. From the cut-off, cut two small triangles to add to the top of the short ends so that get a point.

Take the second box, remove the bottom and the top,  and cut the square central section in half diagonally so that you are left with two v shapes.

gingerbread house from box adding the roof

Rest these over the top of your roof. Using your spare bits and pieces, cut lengths of card as needed to fill in any gaps. Secure the roof together with more duct tape and fix in place.

gingerbread house roof

You can just smother the roof in bubble wrap now, but if you want to, you can make a chimney.

I simply made a small square-shaped ‘tube’ from leftover box card, then I cut two triangled from opposite sides of the ‘tube’ to allow for the pitch of the roof.

gingerbread house from box making a chimney

I trimmed the third edge to the shorter height, then stuck with more duct tape to the roof.

gingerbread house from box cutting out the chimney


gingerbread house from a box fixing the chimney to the roof

Next I cut a door in the middle and a window at each end to peep out of.

gingerbread house out of a box cutting the window

Then Dimples and I went mad ripping and cutting up bits of bubble wrap and sticking them to the roof. I also added some to the gabled (pointed) roof end and along the window ledge.

our gingerbread house from a cardboard box

Dimples also stuck on some gingerbread shapes, and decorated the house with markers before she moved in.

*edited to add: I also used the document box lid to create a ‘fireplace’: the lip of the lid created a ‘shelf’ area which we used to hold our battery-operated tea-lights. Then I cut a square of card that fitted inside the box lid, and on one side drew a fireplace with mantel. On the reverse I drew a dresser. Then Dimples could change the scene around depending on what she was playing.

the interior of our gingerbread house


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    So cute Kelly! We love this! Hope you didn’t get any cardboard cuts though! This is the perfect time of year for some creative GIANT gingerbread house making! Wonder what George from Amazing Spaces would think?? We are sharing this on our Twitter feed on Friday morning! Thank you and have a great Christmas!

    Karin (on behalf of Wauwaa)

  2. says

    Amazing! My brain can’t follow your simple instructions– I tend to zone out and hand instruction sheets over to hubby if it’s more than 3 steps– but I love the end result. The bubble wrap icicles are a nice touch.

  3. says

    That is super cute! I think we would love to have a try at making one. Where did you get the funky tape from? I can see all sorts of cool crafts being made with that!


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