Coloured melting bead Diwas: Diwali craft

We were very lucky to be introduced to Hama Beads recently. We’ve made dogs and princesses and pumpkins but wanted to branch out a little. Diwali fills the post-Halloween Pumpkinfest void perfectly, so it seemed a good idea to use the melting beads to make Diwas. LBG really enjoyed making our saltdough Diwas last year.

Following instructions from Creative Jewish Mom, LBG and I filled an oiled bowl with Hama beads and baked them until they were all melted together.

melting hama bead bowl

Dimples needed something a little more hands on. Whilst I was using air-drying clay to make a Christmas Gift, I gave Dimples a second piece, which she pressed into a bowl ‘just like Mamma’ (I used a small high-sided bowl, like a ramekin to shape the clay). Then I gave her a bowl of Hama beads, which she pressed into the clay whilst I worked. It was one of those perfect half-hours when you and your child are engrossed in your own projects, side-by-side.

hama bead clay bowl

Once finished, we left our work to dry on the radiator (it’s pretty cold here and Dimples wanted them ready now.) Then I added battery-operated tealights.

hama fusible bead diwas

So pretty!




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