How my children see me

I’ve been tagged by Merry to show you pictures of me, as seen through the eyes of my two tormentors children. They spend so much time drawing but never really draw me very much, so were happy to take up the gauntlet thrown down to them.


My Mummy

My Mummy, LBG, Mother’s Day 2012


LBG is 4-and-a-half and an accomplished artist, so she has put a reasonable amount of detail into her depiction, though no colour. She had other things to draw apparently. You’ve got to love that she drew me with a huge smile and sparkling teeth, since I worry that all I ever do is shout at her. I was part of a much larger picture depicting DH, herself, Dimples and The Wonder Hound as well as the ubiquitous stars and hearts that adorn all her work at the moment. If it turns out not to be a phase, I guess she would be well suited to a job with Hallmark…..



My Mamma, LBG, October 2012


Dimples has always been very precise with her art. Ever since she could hold a pen- she has always used the correct grip- her work has been very detailed and small, hence the tidy eyes. The circles that I recognise from years of nannying as a developmental marker, have been very clear and closed since she was two, but she’s still at the stage where limbs emerge from one circle which is both body and head. I got three wisps of hair which is not accurate. Neither is my hair that straight. I love it though as I’m certain that this is the very first drawing she has done of me that is visibly a human.

My lovely Mummy

My Lovely Mummy, Dimples, October 2012


I shall cherish each drawing and put them in each child’s scrap book of precious art. It will be interesting to do this challenge again, maybe in a year or so, and see how the images change. For that reason, I tag those mums with youngish children:

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