How to make an Autumn Nature Wreath

I’m getting used to my new normal: the daily school run, ensuring LBG has her Show and Tell item on a Tuesday and her gym bag on a Thursday, as well as her blazer and her book bag, her boater and her water bottle. And then I have to remember which days to take Dimples back home with me!

Now that I have Dimples by herself two days a week, I am getting into the habit of making time to do activities with her, some that I did with her sister at the same age, but other newer crafts as well, that reinforce the topics she learns about at Kindergarten. They, unsurprisingly, have been learning about Autumn of autumn material wreath


And so, at the weekend, we went on a collecting spree: at the park, the beach and in the garden, we collected fallen leaves, pinecones, conkers, seed pods and so on. After the school run on Monday, I cut a wreath shape from another of my Ikea cork board, and covered one side in double-sided sticky tape. Dimples took her time covering the whole wreath in leaves, feathers and the flatter bits. Our next layer required a lot of glue, as the more 3-D elements such as the seed pods, were added.

how to make an autumn wreath

Then we left it to dry. Like I said: we used a lot of glue.

But the Autumn wreath now displayed with pride on the mantel- a demonstration of the change in season.

kids autumn wreath



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