Japanese peg dolls.

When Around the World in 12 dishes landed in Japan, LBG was working on her Indian Peacock. I gathered a few images in my ‘likes’ on Pinterest, and we had great fun looking through them a few days later. She, unsurprisingly, was taken with anything that related to Hello Kitty, but was most struck by the Japanese ladies in kimonos.

Peg dolls in kimonos

I thought that we could use pegs to make our Japanese ladies, and was delighted to find a fabulous tutorial on Japanese dollies which gave me a very clear idea of how I could adapt the paper craft to a fabric one. Shortly after, I picked up a silky chemise in a charity shop and gathered bits and pieces that would help The Girls craft. These included:

Kimono peg dolls

adhesive ribbon

curling ribbon


coloured duct tape

paper scraps- patterned and ribbed


Wrap a small length of paper/fabric round the neck of the peg and secure in place.

paper collar kimono

Take a square of fabric the length of the peg, and wrap around the peg over the top of the paper, leaving the edge of the inner collar showing. Fold in the wide edges of the fabric and hold in place, then secure with ribbon or tape.

Japanese peg dolls

Take a wide strip of fabric, paper or tape, and wrap around the body of your peg, over the recently secured ribbon/tape, then tie a contrasting strip of ribbon on top of this.

Add detail to the head with markers, then stick black pompoms to the back of the head for the hairpiece. Add floral/fabric embellishments.

add detail with marker

For extra pizazz, you could add a cocktail umbrella to your ‘Little Maid from School‘.

Scrap peg doll



  1. says

    What a wonderful idea, I will be having my kiddos make some of these for our Continent Boxes!! Also sharing with my readers on Facebook this week. Have a wonderful week!


  2. says

    These look great,we tried some a while back but ours didn’t work out to well,I said I would try again but keep forgetting :)


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