Quick and Easy Jubilee Bunting

The Queen is visiting Bromley tomorrow. The High Street is decked with bunting and the shop windows are suitably bestowed in Red, White and Blue. Our Road will be closed from around 8am so the fact that we have no car plays little part in whether or not LBG will make it to Kindergarten. As we have been at home due to the changeable (read ‘wet’) British Weather, The Girls and I thought that our house ought to carry some decoration, in case The Queen should come for tea. So we made Jubilee Bunting.

I lucked out recently when I picked up Union Jack napkins for about 60p. The first set of bunting couldn’t be simpler:

Union Jack Jubilee Bunting

(yes, that is icicle tape left up at the top edge of the window from Christmas. It hides above the blinds so I never remember to take it down.)

I folded them in half diagonally and stapled to some red crepe paper streamer I have (I bought a whole batch in different colours from a charity shop.) It looks lovely in our sitting room window.

A while ago The Girls had a fun afternoon painting with marbles. We used red, white and blue paint on a red background, and I just knew that the finished art would be perfect for a Jubilee or other British Event at some point this year. In fact LBG got in some great cutting practice when I got her to turn the art into small triangles.

paper bunting for Queen Jubilee Olympics


Once we had condensed all the pages into teeny tiny triangles, I found her a glue stick. Firstly we glued the rear of the triangles and stuck them to a length of red crepe paper, being careful to stick them only as far as the mid-way point. Once I we were happy with the arrangement, then we added glue to the top of each triangle and folded down the crepe paper onto each triangle, creating beautiful and easy marble painting bunting.

This now graces our banister and gets lit up at night by the fairy lights that I put up for LBG birthday last year and have yet to take down.


quick easy jubilee decoration olympic bunting

Don;t forget to check out the Red White and Blue Wreath we made for the front door!

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