Rainbow Themed Birthday Party

A few weeks ago The Dimpled Assassin turned two. I don’t mind telling you that there were points when I didn’t think she was going to make it that long: she’s a little kamikaze round the edges. But make it she did and to mark the occasion I threw an all-singing all-dancing Rainbow-themed party I’ve been meaning to wrote about it for a while. Then Tara, Our Lady of Sticky-Fingers, declared this week to be Colour Week in The Gallery, and I knew it was a sign. You might want to put sunglasses on.

The decorations were really simple and bought from a variety of party outlets. For the food table, I taped together several colours of plastic tablecloths to create a rainbow. The children had multi-coloured paper tableware too.

The food: rainbow food platter (mango, blueberry, kiwi, strawberry, orange slices, apple slices), vegetable rainbow platter (carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, cucumber sticks and sweetcorn bites), sandwiches in rainbow flavours (strawberry jam, cheese, cucumber, blackcurrant jam, ham and marmite), rainbow biscuits made following Red Ted’s tutorial, jelly cubes, cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles and a fantabulous rainbow bundt cake, covered in white fondant icing and teensy multi-coloured smarties.

The party bag: a brown paper bag containing balloon, box of mini-smarties, tub of playdough and DK sticker book, tethered to a helium-filled balloon, and with a bright-coloured thank you tag.



Rainbows are such an easy party theme to have: we had a dancing party courtesy of Boppin Tots, who entertained the children with a rainbow-themed dancing party, so I decked the sitting room out with multi-coloured streamers, crepe paper decorations and a giant helium number 2. In pink, naturally.


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