Project 366 Week Twelve


Mothering Sunday

Project 366 Week Twelve, Sunday: Mothering Sunday. Obligatory shot of happy mother clutching squirming children who would rather be running around than be bothered by kisses!



Project 366 Week Twelve, Monday: the Little Misses found the surround-sound-speakers for Granny's TV and used them as headphones.



Project 366 Week Twelve, Tuesday: Sunnies


jolly hockey sticks

Project 366 Week Twelve, Wednesday: jolly hockey sticks.


Coffee Morning

Project 366 Week Twelve, Thursday: coffee morning


sun hats and stickers

Project 366 Week Twelve, Friday: sun hats and stickers. We spent the day in the garden.



Project 366 week Twelve, Saturday: the first paddle of the year.



The week began the best way it possibly could have: woken by LBG, I was ordered to get back into my own bed as Daddy was making me breakfast. Twenty minutes later, I sat feeding my breakfast to The Girls whilst DH and I smiled at each other across the bed. There were presents, handmade cards, walks on the beach, All-Day-Breakfasts in cafes and the sun shone on us until bedtime: we returned to DG Manor tired and very, very happy.

Monday brought Grandparents in abundance: a visit from the GPs, who were wending their way home. LBG was incredibly proud to read her latest school book to grandpa, do stickers with Granny and generally boss everyone around. Dimples filled the gaps in the talking with more talking and surreptitiously stole biscuits to feed to the wonder Hound. Then we took the Grandchild roadshow to Granny M where there were tears, tantrums, cheese on the carpet and talk of her impending trip to visit The American Contingent.

The sun continued into Tuesday which made it easy for the carpenter who was laying the floor of the Man Cave. Dimples and I had a cooking class punctuated by wee-related-outfit-changes, then an emergency carpet clean in advance of my Thursday Morning Event. We’ve definitely taken a step backwards in the potty-training department. Fortunately Wednesday was a nursery day, so I had a chance ¬†to catch up on the laundry, indulge in a spot of retail-therapy (read shoes) and do some baking. Friends came for tea, which finished us all off, though it was wonderful to catch up.

Thursday morning went by in a blur of coffee and cakes and very little chaos- I presume because the Girls were at school instead of under my feet- and I was delighted to meet some mums I have only ever smiled at before. It’s quite satisfying to find that you like so many of them when you will potentially be seeing them at the school gates for the next 7 years. On Thursday night I helped another school mum run a stall at a Pamper Evening in Dulwich.

Friday was an absolutely beautiful sunny day and rather than go out and do something, The Girls wanted to stay at home and play, both inside and out. The house, unsurprisingly, looked like a Toy Bomb had gone off by the end of the day, as did the garden. But it was lovely to be able to go at a slower pace for a while, particularly as Dimples was most definitely ‘under the weather’.

We woke at the Beach House on Saturday morning to glorious sunshine and headed out to the Beach Cafe for breakfast. Once on the beach though, the sea-mist shrouded the sand, rendering the sea, and most of the neighbourhood invisible. The sun’s warmth chased it off whilst we ate our fill of toast and sausage and egg, so that by 10am we were all on the sand and, in some cases, paddling in the water. At 11am we collected French Hannah and her boyfriend from the station and The Girls spent the rest of the day keeping them occupied with games, puzzles and mad antics before they headed off to bed leaving us to enjoy Liam Neeson and a flavoured Vodka Tasting.
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  1. says

    Blimey, what a busy week!

    We’re potty training too at the moment. It’s intense, LOL! Absolutely loving the squirming mother’s day picture, and the first paddle of the year picture – hoping to do that ourselves, next weekend.

    Oh, and new shoes? I may be just a teeeeny bit jealous….


    • Domestic Goddesque says

      Insomniac- I am jealous of your ability to wear red lipstick, so I’d say we were even.

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