How to make Easter chicks from plastic eggs.

You know how it is: if you sit staring at something for long enough, you come up with an idea for how to use them. I bought a couple of packets of plastic eggs- a mere 99p per pack- and have turned them into Easter chicks. And the twist? They don’t fall down. Weeble Easter chicks made form plastic eggs. Want to make some?

make Easter chicks from plastic eggs

1. Take a good-sized lump of Blu-tack and press it into the bottom of your egg. Then shut the egg and check you are happy with the ‘roll’. You may have to adjust the location and size of the blu-tack to get the right roll-back and centre of gravity for your egg. You could use play-dough but I found it came loose quite quickly and affected the wobble. Likewise you could use air-drying clay but I assume that once dry it won’t stick so well to the plastic egg. Of course I’ve only just made them so can’t speak for the longevity of the blu-tack either but it welded beautifully to the base of the egg.

put blu-tack into the egg

2. Cover your egg, papier-mâché-style- in several layers of tissue paper using a mixture of glue and water (half-and-half). Leave to dry.

cover egg with papier mache

3. Add details. I used a Sharpie to add two eyes, an orange heart sticker for a beak and yellow-foam-wings. I would have added a feathery tail but The Girls seem to have hidden the feathers.

add foam wings to your Easter chicks

4. Watch your Easter chicks wobble and not fall down!

rabbits from plastic eggs


I subsequently used the same technique to make Egg-Rabbits- just paint your tissue paper, then add details with marker, a pom-pom tail and a pair of foam ears.



    • Domestic Goddesque says

      Rebekah- thanks for the compliment. Blu-Tack is a brand name for the playdough-like stuff you use to stick posters to walls. Hope that helps!


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