How to make a Crocus Card for Mother’s Day

I have never really had an issue buying Mother’s Day Gifts, fortunately. My mother is very easy to please! In actual fact it’s because I struck upon a brilliant wheeze, round about the time I met DH for the very first time, although this is purely coincidental. Every year on Mother’s Day, I send her a children’s book, so that over the years she has a growing collection of books that she can read with her grandchildren whenever they come to visit. It has worked brilliantly for my Mother-in-Law too, which is a relief because I always find her quite challenging to buy for, as most Daughters-in-Law do: it’s all about making a good impression.


crocus card for Mother's Day Now that I am a mother, I find it helpful to leave a few ideas lying around, not because I expect something, but as an insurance policy. Last year I forgot and instead of the hoped-for iPad, I got a Kindle. I was, whilst being very grateful for the generous gift (I am not that spoiled, I promise you) a tad deflated. Although, since then, the Kindle has gone on to repeatedly prove itself a top gift, giving me vital packing space, limitless reading material and a brilliant way of entertaining my children. So, on my wishlist this year, I have: 1. A fabulous photo tray from The Handpicked Collection: that way I can show off my beautiful family at the Mother’s Coffee Morning next week. 2. Given that my keyrings have all broken in the last week, I’m also taken by these rather patriotic Union Jack Keyrings. Ideal for my Mother’s Day Present 3. How cute are these little heart-shaped tins from Hotel Chocolat? I don’t really need an excuse to want one, do I? 4. I’m very taken with this lovely Glass Token. Wouldn’t it make the perfect Mother’s Day Gift? 5. Then there’s this super bath bomb set- a super gift for my mother. 6. Back to chocolate again. I like being able to reuse packaging, and Hotel Chocolat are brilliant at preparing for this. I’ve just the place for this awesome Mother’s Day idea: all LBG’s trinkets and special things would fit perfectly. Every year DH is good enough to get my Girls to make a card too. Something  homemade on Mother’s Day is hard to beat. I’ve got a simple idea for a card if you are still looking for ideas. You will need: you will need a card- either ready made or a piece of card folded in half. It’s worth writing it in advance, as this card is 3D and might get squashed. purple paper/card green paper/card orange paper/card glue 1. Cut a circle from the purple card, then concertina fold it. You need seven folds. concertina circle 2. Once folded, cut one end in line with the curve of the circle. This will give you a zig-zag top. snip off the top 3. Fold under the outer edges of the circle to the first fold. These will be your ‘lips’ to stick the crocus to the card. Apply glue to these lips, and the fold edges, and stick to the top third of your card, with the zig-zags at the top. It should begin to look like a crocus. make a crocus from paper 4. From the green card cut a long narrow rectangle for the stem. Then fold the green card in half and draw a curved line away from the fold. This will create your leaf. Cut along the drawn line. 5. Stick the rectangle stem to the base of the crocus, then apply glue to one half of your leaf, and stick it to the stem. 6. Cut very fine rectangles from the orange card, and stick these to the inside of the crocus, to make the stamens. finished crocus card for Mother's Day And there you have it: a handmade Crocus Card for Mother’s Day.

This idea featured on our recent Flower Craft Hangout, along with a simple Hama Bead flower (I went with a pansy) that I stuck to a cocktail stick: you could use it for a plant marker, gift tag or cake topper. I also showed some paper ranunculus I made from a very common household item: kitchen roll/paper. There will be a post on that shortly.

Red Ted Art showed: tissue paper flower lollipops– we’ve made these with cupcake cases before: simple and a big hit! Tissue paper fairy lights, flower hair clips and fabric flowers were also shown. Zing Zing Tree shared:  yo-yo flowers, felted flowers, felted flower ring and felt flower gift tags. She also has fabulous crepe pomander balls, coming soon to her blog. Me and My Shadow had some: egg carton daffodils: an essential craft for Mother’s and St David’s Day, Organza flowers and some yo-yo flowers.


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    Wow!! This is incredible! What a beautiful card for Mother’s Day. My Mom would love this! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!


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