Printing snowmen and other things to do with bottle tops

The promised snow has yet to fall in our neck of the woods, though I have seen evidence on Notes From Lapland Lancashire that there is some further North (and West). But we did have some appalling rain and hail this morning which rather cramped our plans to get out on the beach for some fresh air.

Before Christmas, as is our tradition, we sat down to make cards for family and God-parents. Because we have a local charity that collects plastic bottle tops and turns them into wheelchairs and so forth (don’t push me on specifics- DH gave me the info.) we always have a ready stash of washed bottle tops, and I was inspired by one of our many Advent Crafts to make snowmen from them. Here’s how:

printing with bottletops

  • black or blue card
  • white paint, in a flat-bottomed dish
  • markers, paint or fabric scraps for detail
  • bottle tops in varying sizes

So, based on my personal experience, set everything out, then cover up your children before you put down the paint!!

Then dip the bottle tops in the paint and stamp onto the paper to create your snowmen. You can also use them to add a snowy backdrop.

printing snowmen with bottle tops

Leave to dry whilst you get on with the other cards.

Take your dry card and add embellishment with markers or glue and fabric or paper.

snowman prints

Repeat until exhausted, then carry on by yourself after children have gone to bed.

snowman print cards

Bottle tops are a versatile tool for craft and learning. Ideas that we have found for using them include:

  • wheels on a toilet roll car
  • counters in games
  • colour sorting
  • size sorting
  • sound recognition
bottle tops to learn sounds
  • word recognition
  • copying, writing practice
writing practice with bottle tops
  • spelling
  • counting
name recognition with bottle tops

If you have any other ideas, tell me and I’ll add them to the list. And don’t be in such a rush to get rid of your bottle tops.




Go on! You know you want to tell me what you think!