Mistletoe reinvented: Kiss-letoe!

Before Christmas Mum in the Madhouse made some beautiful Mistletoe from felt, which I loved, and pinned. Looking through my pins the other day, I noticed LBG also looking.

“What’s the Mamma?” She asked.

“Mistletoe” I told her

“Miss-a-toe” repeated Dimples

I then had to explain what it is and why we use it.

“Kissy-toe” quoth Dimples.


Which is how I found myself this afternoon cutting heart shapes from a bright pink cardigan that I inadvertently felted.

template for mistletoe

I made a loose template to speed up the cutting process, and cut the buttons from the cardigan too.

get out your glue gun

A quick blast with the glue gun, a snippet of ribbon and Bob, proverbially speaking, is your Uncle.

putting the final touches on your kissing mistletoe

Kissletoe for Valentine’s Day. Wonder if DH will use it to his advantage.

mistletoe for Valentines Day or kissletoe


Go on! You know you want to tell me what you think!