Cork printing craft for Valentine’s Day

Last year, LBG and I had a fabulous time making Valentine’s Day cards to post over with Red Ted. I just looked at the pictures and cannot believe how much her pudgey little hands have changed. It’s also fair to say that her skill set has changed to. She was unexpectedly off school today with laryngitis and, despite having very little voice, made it quite clear what sort of cards she wanted to make.

valentines cards

The idea I had was to do wax crayon rubbing. I used my glue gun to make some hearts on pieces of an old cardboard box, then showed LBG how to rub the wax crayons across the top so that you get the heart in relief.

valentines card rubbing

She seemed to get the idea but totally lacked the enthusiasm, which just goes to show that activities work best when child-led!

valentines card heart rubbings

Annoyingly, her idea worked out really well. She wanted to do printing, which may have something to do with the cork-craft I was making whilst the glue gun was still out. So, I took one of my much-loved corks and carved a heart into the base. It’s actually quite easy, since the cork is rounded: cut a small ‘v’ into one side of the circular base then, following the same line, cut a much larger ‘v’ at the opposite side.

how to cut a heart into a cork for printing

Add some paint or an ink pad, and leave your ill three-year-old to go at it.

printing with corks

I waited until she went to bed and stole the cork to make a wedding anniversary card for DH. I just stamped them in regular rows on the front, and added a layer of glitter to one of the hearts just for him.

printing hearts for Valentines cards

So there you have it: two ideas for simple home-made Valentines Cards. Just right for Daddy.

Home made Valentines Cards


    • Domestic Goddesque says

      Thank you Cathy!
      Ali- it’s a blessing that my children are not pushovers, but sometimes I wish they were!
      Melksham Mummy- the reason I adore cork-related crafts is so that it gives me the perfect excuse to open the next bottle!
      Mistress- fingers are oft the first casualties in this house, but surprisingly not in this instance.

  1. says

    Wow I love these ideas. I have a child who has firm ideas too, don’t bother trying to get to do something she doesn’t want to.


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