Seeking Pinspiration?

Crikey- this time next week it’ll all be over! Can you believe it? I thank the good Lord for coming up with Pinterest, and the interweb in general. Aside from providing my beloved husband (the internet, not Pinterest) it provides hours and hours of distraction and ideas to keep the Girls occupied.

Inspired by Pinterest

We’ve been busy with our Advent Activity Calendar, as inspired by Activity Mom this month, and it has been wonderful, so thanks to Activity Mom. I think that my favourite craft has been the roll-a-snowman game we played this weekend. I made a few alterations to the provided printout (partly because the snowmen I grew up with in the UK are two-piece, rather than three-piece) by:

1. making my own snowman by sticking cotton wool to paper (an activity in itself)

2. Cutting out the various bits and pieces from scrap paper so that we could stick them on as we went.

roll a snowman game


I definitely recommend it as a winter holiday craft, along with the easy bird-feeders that LBG and I made last week after getting inspired by the Nurture Store. Aside from the smell of melted dripping which made me gag, our fat balls were really easy to make and inexpensive too, as I found some brilliant National Trust Winter Bird Feed in my local 99p store. Thanks to the Virtual Advent Calendar for suggesting it!

home made fat ball bird feeders

I’ve also been blown away by how useful a charity-shop spaghetti jar can be.


For more things I’ve been inspired by, check out my pins. Otherwise, join up. What has inspired you this week?




  1. says

    Your bird feeders turned our great. We made some this week at our school gardening club too, along with the popcorn chains – although the kids ate as much popcorn as they threaded! (oh and we used lard at room temp rather than melting it – I can’t stand the smell either!)

    • Domestic Goddesque says

      I had no idea the smell was so ghastly Cathy!! I liked the sultana skewers you did: thought we might do those after Christmas!

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