Reindeer Cookies and Gingerbread men

I bet you didn’t know what you get if you turn a gingerbread man upside down (and no, it’s not a smutty joke.) I didn’t either until I was cruising pinterest one day. Invert a gingerbread man and you get a very convincing reindeer cookie. Allow me to demonstrate.

First, you will need some gingerbread men. Although I made a dozen ginger-free men.

Once your men are baked and cooled, turn them upside down. The head is still the head, it’s just at the bottom of your biscuit, rather than the top. The two arms will be ears, which leaves the torso and legs to become antlers. Making sense yet?

upside down gingerbread man

Cover your Reindeer in brown icing. Mine is chocolate-flavoured. I used a knife to ‘drag’ antler spurs from the main body of icing. If you had more time and less chocolate-crazed children screaming at you, you could take your time, pipe nice outlines and then flood the outline as I did in my Union Jack biscuits.

cover the reindeer with chocolate icing

Once your icing is done, cut a white jelly diamond into quarters, and put one quarter onto each ear.

jelly diamonds make ears

Next, use a red mini-chocolate as a nose.

Finally, using white icing, pipe two eyes. You can also add black dots. And a bit of white icing ‘snow’ to the edges of the antlers.

reindeer cookie from gingerbread man cutter

Or you could just make Gingerbread men.

reindeer biscuit and gingerbread man


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      Happy to help @Ali. I think I just saw it so much across the internet a couple of years ago, I tried it to see if it worked.


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