How to make wax crayon pumpkins

I saw this tutorial recently and it sparked something in my mind, particularly as I had been thinking of making these leaves. Thus theWax Crayon Pumpkin was born.

First, grate your crayons: we used two oranges with a touch of brown and yellow.

grated wax crayon

Second, heat your oven to 120C* and lay protective cover over your baking tray (either foil or more baking paper.)

Then lay your wax jam discs on top, well spaced.

Place a small spoon of wax gratings on top

ready for the oven

Bake in the oven for a few minutes until melted.

Take out and cover your melted wax with a second disc.

put a wax disc on top

Leave to cool, then decorate your pumpkins with permanent marker.

I haven’t worked out what we are going to use these for yet: Pumpkinfest ’11 is still a few weeks away. You could string them together either as a garland, or mobile: they look particularly pretty and colourful in front of the light so would work well as suncatchers.

* you could also make these using an iron to heat your wax- just sandwich your gratings between the wax paper discs and iron carefully until melted.

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