Cupcake cases creatures

Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the most surprising. Take, for example, the humble cupcake case.

Of course, when I was young we made fairy cakes, or just ‘cakes’. Cake cases, along with cakes in general, seem to have been rebranded and are so popular these days you can buy cases that range from teeny tiny petit-four affairs to monster muffin holders and everything in between. A few weeks ago, when I was making Red White and Blue cupcakes, I discovered that some of the cupcake cases I have don’t fit any of my pans.

The downside to cake case rebranding worked in my favour in the art world though: PD and I, with a few simple supplies, turned them into all sorts of creatures to decorate the flower pots. Think of it as scare-crow rebranding.

1)      Flatten out your cupcake case.

materials needed

2)      Draw a loose bird/animal shape on the underside (the bit that won’t show- crucial if you are using cases that have decoration only on the outer side)

cut out

3)      Cut out your shape. Or let your small do it for you. It’s great for working on scissor control since the shapes are simple and the thin paper is easy to cut. For the bird, we started at the tail end, cutting two similar sized wedges out to create a fan-shaped tail. At the opposite end, cut out a triangle to give the head/beak shape. From the point at which the ‘beak’ meets the main body, cut outwards to create the tip of the wing, then do the same on the other side of the ‘beak’. You are effectively cutting out an M, or W depending on which way you look at it.

remove pieces

4)      Cut a small triangle from some coloured paper: I used the sticky bit of a Post-It note so didn’t need glue. Stick to the tip of the beak section to actually give you a beak. Or you could paint/colour it in. Then add two eyes. Fasten the underside of your bird Scarecrow, or Scare-bug, to the short end of a bendy straw and stick in a plant pot, window box, pencil holder, exotic cocktail. Voila!

add beak and eyes

5)      Other creatures you could try are:

  • Turtle: cut a curved head and four fins. Stick paper squares onto the back of the turtle to create the shell.
  • Butterfly: cut out a simple butterfly shape and decorate with sequins and glittery paper.
  • Snake: following the curve of the paper case, cut round and round in decreasing circles until you reach the centre. Use a bit of wool to stick a tongue to the cebtral end of the spiral, and decorate with triangles of coloured paper. Attach the head of the snake to the top of the straw and watch the snake ‘boing’ up and down.

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