Easy Father’s Day Crafts

Inspired by Maggy at Red Ted Art and Robinsons, we’ve been making a Squash Monster pen holder for DH’s day.


I used spray paint to give the inside a ghoulish purple tint, then coated the outside in chalkboard spray, which means that whilst he is making dull business calls, DH can doodle monster faces with chalk. Give it a quick wipe and you can start all over again. Oh, and this particular Monster’s favourite treats are pens.


Next up is a masterpiece: I’ve been teaching PD to sew, at her request, and have found cupboard liner in Poundland that seems to work brilliantly as a starting point. I learned on Aida fabric, but this is cheaper and works just as well. For Father’s Day I bought a pack of four pot holders, trimmed them down a little and PD sewed Daddy’s letter onto his very own coaster. I helped her a little by writing Daddy’s letter so that she could follow it. I’m even more chuffed because I remembered to do it on the reverse side, backwards, so that it would be the right way round on the front.


Dimples isn’t quite up to sewing just yet, so I chopped up a piece of her artwork and covered a chocolate bar with it. I cut up letters from magazines to write Daddy on the front, ransom-letter-style.


Oh, and don’t forget the card: as I had magazines and scissors out, PD was more than happy to get busy cutting and bluing (gluing), so all I needed to do was give her a shape to fill. D-for-Daddy.



If you fancy being a bit more bold, how about a bookmark made from a tie? Keep watching your Google reader: it’ll be posted soon :-)



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