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May was a good month. A busy month. Actually every month is a busy month. I like doing things with my children. I like finding new things to do online. I am beginning to like learning, despite the fact that finals made me fear ever having to learn anything ever again. It’s nice.

So, this month I made a rainbow cake for PD’s birthday. It was inspired by all the rainbow-based foodstuffs I saw across the internet in the run-up to St Patrick’s Day. Not wishing to toot my own horn, but everyone at the party thought I was a bloody genius.

The Playhouse is getting a remodel this summer, now that PD can finally open the door by herself. As I no longer have to schlepp down to the bottom of the garden after her and sit whilst she plays to make sure that doors are opened and shut as needed, I figure I can let her spend more time enjoying it. To which end, I plan on a repaint and adding some new furnishings. I made a very simple play oven from a wooden presentation box I nabbed from Granny (it held wine and cheese at Christmas) and a few lids fom the recycle bin.


I made doilie bowls for the Playhouse, after seeing what a brilliant job Lizzie did with her Magpie Monday finds.


I was inspired by Ella from Notes at Home to write about Why I Live in Bromley, by Tara and her Gallery to write about Chilling Out, and My Back Yard, and by Red Ted and Christine at Thinly Spread to #passiton.

In fact I was so inspired, I made a blog button after reading How to on Blogging with Amy because I’m hoping to pass on some inspiration. Or seek some more.

If you’ve been inspired to write, paint, make, see, visit, do, learn anything this month from a fellow blogger, then share the blog love.

When I figure out how to, I can even share the button code with you!


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    Oh wow! What a gorgeous post.

    Thanks so much for the mention – your bowls look fab. Must share some pics of my DD’s playhouse – we could have a playhouse Location, Location, Location blog!

    Your cake is frankly bloody genius and the cooker is simple inspired.

    Love the badge too. I realise I’m gushing now, but I bloody love this post! xx Share the love xx

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