How to make a windsock

The Girls and I have been making windsocks from recycled bits and pieces this week. Though the sun that we have had of late has been lovely, it’s the wind that has really got The Girls stirred up. PD really doesn’t like it when the wind blows: she doesn’t like her hair getting in her face. Down on the beach the other day, to deflect a brewing tantrum as a result of the usual hair-in-face trauma, we looked at the flags that are flying on Margate sea front. I pointed out that the wind made them fly and that if the wind didn’t blow, that we wouldn’t be able to see their beautiful colours.

Back at home, we looked at the way the wind blew the branches of the trees, but this wasn’t as easy to spot, particularly from inside. So I dug around in the recycle boxes. There was only one loo roll holder available, so I cut up a cereal packet, formed it into a tube and stapled it together. I covered the staples with masking tape to protect small fingers. Then I let the Girls loose with the paint.


Once painted and dried, they made liberal use of my sticker stash to give their Windsocks a unique look. We then stuck lots of pieces of glitter shred (collected earlier that day at dancing after boogie with some pompoms. The shred seems to fall off with vigorous use!) to a length of sticky tape. These ribbony tails were then stuck to the inside of one end of the cardboard tubes.

The final job was to poke a hole on each side of the tube at the opposite end of the tube from the tail, and thread with string/wool/sinew/whatever you have to hand, then hang from an extended bough and watch it flutter in the wind!

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