A Right Royal Wedding: how to make your own Will and Kate from Champagne corks

If you live within the borders of the British Isles you are likely to know that we have an extra Bank Holiday at the end of the month in honour of a certain Royal Wedding. I haven’t been invited, but that’s to be expected as Wills has never forgiven me for marrying DH, and in St Paul’s Cathedral too. Poor Wills has had to make do with Westminster Abbey.

I’m glad I haven’t been invited, if I’m honest. I couldn’t be doing with constantly being referred to as ‘the one that got away’ by the press and so forth. I will be celebrating the fact that I have an extra 24 hours of DH, so whilst he and the other dads entertain offspring various in the garden, I can sit in front of the round-the-clock coverage on the tellybox with friends and criticise the outfits.

There will be Coronation Chicken and Cucumber sandwiches and Red, White and Blue cupcakes. I have bunting and streamers, flags and ribbons with which to decorate the house. I have Union Jack napkins and have ordered a tiara. The children (and DH) have to make their own head-wear and, in pride of place on the top of my pink cake stand, I shall place my homage to William Arthur Philip Louis Mountbatten-Windsor and Catherine Elizabeth Middleton. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce Kate and Wills:


Those of you who saw my Christmas Nativity will not be shocked to learn that I have been drinking Champagne again, all in a good cause. If you don’t know how to make them, they really are very simple: I gave my corks a white undercoat then sketched a mock-up in pencil. Once they had been painted, I added details in black permanent pen. Naturally, since this isn’t an everyday coming-of-the-Magi, I embellished my Royal Couple with some silver pen, sash and veil. The bouquet was given a 3D touch by painting on top of teeny tiny bits of squished up tissue paper. You never know, they might be worth a fortune in a few years time.

If you don’t fancy making your own memorabilia, then I’ve been scouting around for some of the best Buy-it-Nows, to save you the effort, and store away for future Antique’s Roadshows.

I would have been tempted by the lifesize cutout of the Royal Couple but it didn’t go with my colour-scheme. Or what about a more portable dress-up version of the Happy Couple? You could even get your Granny to knit your own Royal Family.

I could definitely give this commemorative  plate house room, although I think the Kate Middleton doll wouldn’t survive the day in the playroom. There is however, always room for sweeties: Regal Love Hearts.


Oh, and don’t forget, there’s still another Prince.



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    You are so clever! These are cute & I’m sure staff will be able to get hold of some corks! 😉 Thanks for linking to RC!

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    So stinkin’ cute!!! So fun. I love it to pieces.
    I have to tweet about this. haha

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    Okay, I just took a look at your Nativity Set, it doesn’t look like I can comment on that post (maybe comments are closed). I have decided your are brilliant. That is the cutest Nativity set I have ever seen.

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    I couldn’t resist your title and loved your champagne corks when I linked up from Diaper Diaries. I am attending a Royal Wedding Tea at 5:00 AM in Chicago on “the day” in order to view the event live on BBC. I plan to wear my hat and a lovely pair of pajamas to match. Champagne will definitely be part of the event!

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    What a brilliant idea to use champagne corks!! Now I need to start saving mine! Your Kate and Wills are too cute!

    I am loving this post! Thanks for all the links that you shared in it!

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    I can’t believe after making these you are still not invited – they are fab!
    I am a bit excited, I really want the love hearts! I wish there was more street parties!

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    I am laughing fit to burst! They are fantastic, you are VERY clever and VERY silly! I do like you! My friend who owns the local wool shop is having the ‘knit your own Royal family’ knitted for the shop. She gave BB the corgi she had had a go at, I must blog it..!


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