Cork popping: Make Your Own Nativity

I can’t remember when I started saving Champagne corks. In our last house we had a lovely big hand-blown glass bowl, bought on the very first holiday that DH and I ever took together, that sat on a table, filled with champagne corks, all of which had a significance. They all bore the date and event at which they were consumed, and I loved adding to them, or plucking one from the bowl, reading the information and remembering the happy event they represented. Once we moved, and had children, glass bowls and corks were put away to be replaced by plastic, plastic and more plastic. But last winter, round about this date, I came across a fabulous Champagne Cork Nativity on Snowfairy’s blog, and vowed to dig out the bag of corks and shamelessly copy her brilliant idea.

Choose your corks: they are surprisingly different when you stand them next to each other.
Sketching the figures on the corks, which have been undercoated in white emulsion

Admittedly it’s taken a year, but I have finally gotten around to shamelessly cribbing paying homage to snowfairy’s efforts. I am ridiculously pleased with myself. And once I’ve given them a couple of coats of varnish to protect them, I’m hoping the girls will too.

Three Kings from Persian lands afar
An angel of the Lord came down…
While Shepherds washed their socks
Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
nativity from champagne corks
The Full Nativity

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