Under Pressure: reviewing the Vax Pressure Washer

You have to admit that there is nothing greater than hurtling full speed towards a Bank Holiday when the sun is in the sky and the grass is green and it feels like finally- FINALLY- you may be beyond the long wet winter.

It also makes you look with despair at garden paths, driveways, patios- even cars- with a heavy heart. The long wet winter has taken it’s toll on them too, and somehow in the bright sun the whole look is “casual neglect”. I speak of my own surroundings of course.

Perhaps Vax heard my lament. Perhaps the designers and developers too thought of the potential Spring Despair during the long wet winter, for they have added to their collection of super dooper vaccum cleaners, carpet cleaners and steam cleaners with a range of equally marvellous Pressure Washers for all your outdoor needs.


Positively splendid in the signature Vax Orange, there are four pressure washers- all of different pressures- aiming to get the job done at your home in time for the summer. And with prices starting at a very reasonable £69.99 from the official Vax website, you can be sure that you will find the right washer for your needs and budget. Don;t just take my word for it, either: there are dozens of positive reviews on the website for you to check out.

Vax sent us a 2500 Watt Pressure Washer to put through it’s paces. There were hiccups when we needed to buy a new garden hose and attachments to feed water to the Beast (as I have dubbed it. Beast of burden: does all the hard work so I do not have to) there was a broken nozzle (superb after-care service from Vax by the way) and we needed to buy detergent too. But, finally, we set to.

There’s a lot to set to on round our way: brick paths, patio, driveways, front steps, outhouses, henhouses, and cars caked in mud. And there is an attachment to suit all needs in the handy dandy attachment kit (which is included in some Pressure Washer packages and an add-on in others.)

You simply follow the instructions to assemble, hook the machine up to the water supply and the power and off you go. Be sure to adopt a firm stance when starting up or you may fall over. Not that I would know *looks around sheepishly*.

Vax Pressure Review Before and After

And the cleaner did exactly what I expected: cleaned.The patio brush + detergent combination had a tough task getting moss up off the old bricks. The patio was easier. I have to say I really didn’t enjoy using the patio brush though: it kept coming up off the floor. That may be a water pressure issue, of course.

And it was still fairly tough on DH’s back, all that leaning over. The handle of the brush felt a tad flimsy at the join with the nozzle and I worried that it would bend if I pushed too hard. He fared better on the patio, which had a more even surface.

Using the nozzle on it’s own was super easy: the driveway was free of pine needles and detritus very quickly- the water pressure allowed me to build it all up in one area so that it was quick to collect and bin. It also did a good job hosing down the tyres on our cars, which get muddy down country lanes. I never got round to using the brush attachment.

My main annoyance was the hose and wheel: the hose has to be completely detached to wind it around the reel for storage, and likewise removed entirely from the reel before you can reconnect it. I would have like to see a tool storage option too.

Mixed results really. I have never owned a Pressure Washer before and have been educated in the benefits of owning one, but I feel that the design could do with some work. That said, it is competitively priced and did all that I needed it to do.



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    We have a Vax carpet cleaner for indoors – it was one of my best buys for the home. It was really reasonably priced, and it’s very easy to use. I didn’t know they did outdoor pressure washers – our garden could certainly do with a bit of help from somethinng like that….

    • Vax says

      We’re delighted to read you’ve enjoyed a product from our carpet cleaning range. We’d love to know model have you been using!

      As Britain’s leading carpet cleaner brand, we’re really pleased to be bringing our cleaning knowledge outdoors, and that you’ve read this blog and found out a little more. Keep up to date with all new product ranges over at http://www.facebook.com/vaxvacuums or on Twitter @VaxUK!

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    Hiya, I was wondering if you could just tell me what connector you used to connect the garden hose to the pressure washer please as I’m having problems finding the correct one. Many thanks

    • Vax says

      Hi Jenni, we want you to be able to get the most out of your Pressure Washer. If you can’t connect, get in touch with our Support team however you prefer here: http://www.vax.co.uk/contact/ They’ll be happy to help advise on connecting your product!

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    We have just bought one of the pressure washers from the Vax range and ours did a great job on cleaning the whole garden which is completely patio space with no grass so there was a lot to get through but agree with the niggles, we managed to put the hose on the wrong way around and it won’t reach to the end of the garden until I go and get the hose off and sort it our for dh as it was difficult to remove once it was on

    • Vax says

      Great to read you’re getting some brilliant results from your Vax Pressure Washer, Lucy! If there’s anything we can help with making your use as easy and rewarding as possible, let our Support team know here: http://www.vax.co.uk/contact/ We love to help!

  4. Vax says

    Thanks for your really detailed review! Those before & after pictures are great in showing that our Pressure Washers don’t just remove loose dirt, but stubborn problems like moss build-up. We hope our tips on Twitter help with getting the best out of the Patio Brush too. Thanks for sharing!

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