Who lives in a house like this?

When I was a little girl I always thought it would be wonderful to live in a Gingerbread House when I grew up. The air would smell like Christmas every day and I could nibble a corner of the room if the cupboards were bare. There would be pink love hearts around the door and a little path of sugar balls that crunched delightfully under your feet when you walked to the front door. Every day would start with a fall of sweet snow that covered the chocolate roof tiles and fell on the window ledges. It would make every day magical.


Wouldn’t you know that the people at Sykes Cottages have recently calculated how much a Life-sized Gingerbread Cottage would cost to make: £66,037.05, which seems like a good deal in today’s housing market. On the assumption that it could cope with so much rain.

They also sent us a Gingerbread House making set so that the girls and I could create our very own pink gingerbread cottage on a smaller scale: perfect for two little girls and a dog. Just like our home!

pink gingerbread cottage

Disclosure: we were sent the aforementioned set for the purposes of making our house, which has been entered into a competition. No payment was received.

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