Paper Plate Angels

Paper Plate Angel Craft

I bought a book ages ago from a charity shop and when I got it home a loose page fluttered out with instructions for making an angel mobile from paper. I have adapted the instructions I found- and which appear to have been lost in the move- to use paper plates to make hanging angels. The instructions seem complicated but after the first one it makes perfect sense and they are quick to make, I promise.

So you need to fold your plate in half, with the shiny side on the outside. Then you need to fold one side back on itself- to create a 2cm deep strip through the middle-ish of your plate.

Fold back in half, and you need to draw a head and arms- see image. Cut out the two semi-circley type shapes from the fold, without cutting any of the rest of the plate. This will give you the angel body and head. Open out the plate, and cut a wedge out of the shorter side- it should then become clear that this has created the top arch of the angel wings and the halo. The fold through the middle will help give the floating halo effect.

Finally, cut up the dress outline- just to the first fold and not across the middle- to create the bottom of the wings. These sections you tuck behind the dress and secure with sticky tape. If you want to make quite a few, I suggest using your first one as a template for the rest.

Paper Plate Angel instructions

You should now have an angel which you can decorate with anything you fancy before leaving to dry.


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    They are so cute!!!! Definitely going to try this with L – she has only just decorated a paper plate over the weekend for a craft competition at school – wish we had thought of this idea!!


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