I’m Dreaming of a White Company Christmas

“Mum, would you be able to pick up the children on Wednesday? It’s The White Company?”


That’s how the conversation with The Mothership went about 30 seconds after I got the email inviting me to a Blogger Christmas In July event with The White Company a couple of weeks ago. It was right about the time that the weather started hotting up so I’m glad I elected not to wear my Christmas Sweater, as I had at one point considered. Firstly I would have been too hot. Secondly I would not have been allowed entry to the most serene place on earth.

White Company Christmas

Really, if my Christmas Eve ever looks and feels like the house in Fitzroy Square I shall think that I have arrived at the pearly gates. Four floors of impeccably chic, well-designed and covet-able furniture, bedding and clothing,  and all dressed for the most wonderful time of the year. I almost cried.

Fortunately, I followed the smell of Christmas and landed in the kitchen where I was served Gin and Tea Punch. It sounds repulsive, I know but you have to trust me when I tell you that I Do Not Do Tea. But I do Gin, and this really does hit the festive spot. As did the rest of the treats from Sophie Wright Catering. And when you add Gin-drinking and Gingerbread Man decorating, this is what you end up with.

Disney Princess Gingerbread

And once I was done I got to wander around the house with a fabulous bunch of bloggers- Being Mrs C, Lilinha Angel, Richmond Mummy and just envy the job that Vanessa has. The White Company has really upped their game in the past eighteen months: they seemed to stall for the longest time and every time I got a new catalogue it could just have easily been an old catalogue. But I have seen some fabulous new pieces of furniture, beautiful upholstered beds and heavenly thick sheepskins in hues of grey and white. Their decorating skills are immense too: some ideas I took home are the dear little bedroom teepees for the kids, the cardboard Christmas Trees, the large glass jars of goodies. They are already making me think about Christmas, even in 30 degree heat.

White Christmas with White Company

I’ll be dreaming of a White Company Christmas this year, that’s for sure.





Disclaimer: I was a guest at The White Company’s Christmas in July event, where they fed, watered & entertained me in addition to sending me home with a fabulous thoughtful goodie bag with gifts for my Girls.


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    You lucky lucky lady! And well done for composing yourself because where you felt like you could cry, I actually would have! Looks and sounds like you had an amazing time!
    Emma x

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