You can bake bread in a slow cooker

You can bake bread in a slow cooker. You really can and, honestly, if I hadn’t tried it myself I would never have believed it.

Firstly, just make up a batch of bread dough: I used a packet because that’s how I roll: all pre-measured and quick to knock up.

Now I read on this site that you need to leave the dough to rest before putting it in the cooker. I didn’t. I lined the Crock Pot with a sheet of baking paper and bunged in the dough. I popped the lid on top and let it rest for an hour.

Then I switched on the cooker to low and let it bake. It took a little over two hours, I guess.

The dough had risen beyond the edge of the paper so was welded to the side of the dish but once I ran a knife around the inside, the bread came out easily, cooked through and very nice indeed to eat.

baking bread in a slow cooker

Happy days!


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