{Vitamix} Zabaglione Semi-freddo

After the victory of custard and curd  in the Vitamix, I wondered if you would be able to make Zabaglione in the Vitamix. So I tried.

I made zabaglione a long time ago and just used the recipe as a base. I put all the ingredients in the Vitamix and ran it on full for about ten minutes. Sadly the result was not what I had hoped. But every cloud has a silver lining as they say. As was true in this case. I added about 150ml double cream to the mix, blended it for a bit longer and tipped the resulting custard into a tupperware container, which I bunged in the freezer.

Two hours later I got it out, gave it a stir and threw it back in. I did it again a couple of hours later. It was only just a solid mass rather than an ice-cream consistency, which was exactly what I had hoped. So I served it in a bowl with some chocolate shavings.


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