{Review} KiddyCharts.com have a chart for everything

When LBG was smaller we spent a long time one day making her a progress chart or reward chart as a tool to encourage her to sleep in her bed rather than on the floor. It was a big success and we have subsequently introduced reward charts for good behaviour and so on for both girls as we have needed them. But they get tatty quite quickly from daily use so I have been looking for a better option.

kiddy charts reward chart


Wouldn’t you know that Kiddy Charts got in touch to ask if we would review their online reward and progress charts? It was serendipity. They do have charts that you can order and print off which so many people praise on the site. But I am very taken with the online charts which have the added bonus of being able to introduce my children to using the laptop and being online in a very limited, controlled way.

We have been using the progress chart this week as we count down to out holiday in Italy over half-term, which is not an intended purpose of the progress chart but which helps them to visualise how many days we have until something happens. This is essential for LBG who likes to know when things are happening so that she can be prepared.

holiday countdown


The site is so easy to use and you can pick and choose lots of options to get a chart that works for your specific needs: I mixed text and pictorials to cover LBG who can read and her sister, who cannot. We also chose some of the designs together so that they had a vested interested in the resulting chart. Obviously we were given credit online for using the system so that we could write this post but I really think that the charts are good value because you can tailor them to your specific needs rather than using a generic one. Kiddy Charts have an excellent online presence too if you have any difficulties orr concerns so there is always someone who can help you which I likewise find reassuring.

I’ll definitely be using them again. And again and again. Every age presents a new challenge after all. And perhaps they will take my ‘countdown’ idea and use it for a new category of chart.

 *disclosure: we were given online credit to use kiddycharts.com so that we could write this post. All opinions are our own.


  1. says

    Hi there – and thanks so much for such a lovely review! And don’t worry – we have had a countdown chart in mind as well for a while, but its a little different to what’s already up there so the IT more complex; one for the future though definitely. Glad you like them!

    • Domestic Goddesque says

      We are converts Helen. What a great idea. Only a mum would have thought of it :)

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