Cheese Gougeres, chocolate fondue and Gateau au Yaourt.

Bonjour mes petits! This month the Around the World trip is stopping off in France, home to my other family and so many places and people that are close to my heart. We eat croissants and pain-au-chocolat fairly regularly, so I thought we’d try some of the other foods from the land of fine food and great wine.

Firstly we had friends round for tea and made a quick chocolate sauce from chocolate, butter, golden syrup and evaporated milk. It’s my ‘go-to’ recipe for chocolate sauce, but I can’t remember if I posted it or not. Anyway, all you need is chocolate sauce, a selection of chopped up fruit and some forks. Add a few hungry children to the mix and enjoy.

That was the theory. The practice was them leaving the table one by one after they tasted it. Except the Dimpled One who stayed until she was sated. Which took a while.

cheese gougeres

I dug out my old battered notebook and found a recipe for gougères that I used to make fairly regularly when I lived in France. They are fairly simple to make but they do involve heat so the Girls helped me grate the cheese then left me to it. They both tried the finished product but neither were overly keen on them. I suspect it was the strength of the cheese so will have another go soon with a lighter cheese.

The third and most successful French recipe was Gateau au Yaourt- yogurt cake- which I have eaten a lot of but never made. It’s such a simple recipe so was really easy for the Girls to help with, and we are all agreed that it was utterly delicious. All you need is the yogurt pot to measure all the other ingredients, which made it so quick for us to ‘knock out’ a cake for tea time. The recipe for ours is here.


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